Cranston Reid Photography | March 26, 2016 Texas Photo Haus Studio Co-Op Fashion Photography and Agency Workshop featuring Steve Ellinger, C.P.P.

Texas Photo Haus Studio Co-Op is pleased to announce a fashion photography workshop featuring Steve Ellinger, C.P.P. Steve is well known for his fashion photography expertise and works with model agencies across the country. Steve will bring with him an experienced model from the Kim Dawson Agency, and we will also have two additional models available!
The workshop is a two day event on consecutive Saturdays. On the first Saturday, MARCH 26th, Steve will teach specifics of working with agencies and agency models, then work with each student one-on-one so bring your cameras. The class will review and critique your images so everyone will benefit from additional guidance.

The second day of the workshop, Saturday, April 2nd, will consist of an additional day working with fashion models and critiquing our images, but without Steve. It's all about practicing and improving our results through teamwork!
The class will be limited to only 15 students to ensure plenty of time one-on-one shooting time with Steve Ellinger and the models. To enroll, please contact Cranston Reid via phone at (806) 543-8995 or email at The workshop fee for the two day event is $200 if you book by March 1st, then $225 after that date, so please take advantage of the early enrollment!

Here's Steve Ellinger's schedule for the first Saturday session on March 26th. The second workshop day is April 2nd and will consist of additional practice working with fashion models and image review.

Title: Shooting Agency Models, What you Need to Know

9:00am Welcome with coffee and donuts
9:25am Introduction
9:30am Short video presentation on what I do and how I became an agency photographer
9:45am The basics of how an agency operates and what an agency wants and does not want to see
10:00am What are agency portfolios and comp cards. What sizes are they? What goes into an agency portfolio?
10:15am What makes a model an “agency model”? How to schedule an agency model for testing etc.
10:30am Break
10:45am Stylists, MUAH, photographer assistants etc.
11:00am What needs to be in your camera bag? The equipment you need.
11:05am The studio requirements for shooting agency tests etc.
11:15am Location shooting for agency work
11:20am What is the best lighting and set-ups for shooting agency tests
11:45am Working with an agency model, what to do and not to do
12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Lets shoot! HOW to shoot an agency model. Demonstrations by Steve Ellinger
1:30pm Participants will have time to shoot with one-on-one instruction by Steve Ellinger
4:30pm Image critiques and reviews
5:00pm Its a wrap!
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