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This gallery features high-resolution images of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle from an egg the size of a grain of sand to the first flight. Each image can be printed to your specifications on any type of museum quality photographic paper or canvas. The photos are also available already framed and ready hang on your wall. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!
This monarch butterfly larva has secured itself on a milkweed leaf with strong strands of spun silk.  Its skin has begun to split as it enters the chrysalis stage of its life.Only 15 minutes have passed and the new chrysalis is visible.  The larva's skin is no longer needed, and will be discarded.Another minute has passed and the creation of a chrysalis is well underway.  The monarch's eyes, wings and antenna are now visible.Two minutes later, the emergence is complete.  Now, the familiar shape of a monarch butterfly chrysalis takes shape.During the next few minutes, the chrysalis will shorten and the exterior will harden into a protective shield.  The discarded skin has fallen clear of the attachment point.The process is almost complete, and the ridges and bumps on the right side of the chrysalis are now visible.Drying its wings in preparation of a 1,200 mile journeyThis female monarch has completely extended its wings and is almost ready for flight.Three seconds later...... the migration has begun!This newly emerged pair is  drying their wings before their first flight.